Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside County Durham

Dogwood Adventure Play is set across seven acres of countryside and comprises of two enclosed fields and a training paddock. Our purpose-built fields are available for you and your dog to hire on an individual basis all year round, seven days a week.

Ideal for dogs that cannot be let off lead in public places – perhaps because they do not enjoy meeting other dogs, or for those that don’t have great recall skills, puppies or adult dogs who need to work on training in an enclosed environment, owners of rescue dogs who would like to bond with their new companion, or anyone else who enjoys watching their dog run free.   

Bring a ball or your dog's favourite toy, play some brain games, make use of the adventure play frames or just relax while your dog sniffs and explores the fascinating environment rich with scent.



Fencing is 2 metres high and buried underground meaning that owners of even the most notorious escapees can relax. Our coded double-gate entry system and in-field parking allows you to lock two gates before letting your dog out of the car. We do frequent perimeter checks to put your mind at rest.

Dogwood West

Dogwood WEST

Our original field has adventure play equipment, a digging pit, tyres and logs to climb on and jump over, as well as a shelter for you to enjoy a picnic under. Dogwood West has a swimming pool, paddle pool and lots of special dog-friendly plants in our Sensory Garden. Fencing is 2m high and topped with 35° angled brackets. This field is sole-use and you can lock two gates behind you, making it most suitable for those dogs who prefer not to see other dogs or people. We hope you love this field as much as we do!

Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside


50 minutes, 1-3 dogs: Standard Hire £12 / Introductions £20. Additional dogs £2 each, up to a maximum of 8. 

Dogwood Adventure Play is available for professional use. Please contact us.

Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside
Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside


Adventure Play equipment is provided to increase confidence, range of motion, strength and balance in dogs, while the Sensory Garden is made up of a variety of smells and textures which reduce stress and anxiety, encourage dogs to be more secure in their surroundings, and provide stimulation and enrichment.

Dogwood East


Our newest, slightly larger field has adventure play equipment including a tunnel, house with slide, Wobble Walk and A-frame, as well as a picnic bench, paddle pool and climbing logs. The Sensory Garden full of dog-friendly plants will soon be open! Fencing is 2m high and buried below the ground. Dogwood East is sole-use with a car parking space inside the field so you can lock the gate behind you. As there is a training paddock next door to Dogwood East there could be other dogs and vehicles in the main car park.

Katie Guastapaglia and Ruben Guastapaglia from Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside


We offer Field Trips where we collect your dog from home and bring them to Dogwood Adventure Play. 1-1 Walks are great for training and our Enrichment Breaks provide mental stimulation for dogs while you're away from home. Please see other services.

Dogwood Adventure Play Secure Enclosed Dog Field Darlington Stockton Teesside

Katie is proud to announce that she is a Professional Member of the Pet professional Network.

The Pet Professional Network is an international force-free organisation for pet professionals. They are one of the first person centred organisations offering ongoing support to their members in all aspects of business and personal development. They work in collaboration with modern world class training and behavioural institutes and associations, and are proud to be an Affiliate of ICAN (the International Companion Animal Network).

Having undergone a personal assessment, ensuring Katie meets their high standards and force free philosophy, Katie has been invited to join their supportive community and will continue to receive ongoing coaching. This will ensure she can give clients the best ongoing support and help encourage other professionals to reach out and help support each other.


We are only 3 miles from Stockton and 5 miles from Darlington, situated between the peaceful countryside villages of Bishopton and Redmarshall.

Not only can dogs and owners relax but they can build a deeper bond by working together on the enrichment activities provided in the field. This canine playground is an opportunity to experience the world safely and allow your dog to be just that, a dog.
— Donna Smith R.V.N. and Dog Trainer

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Dogwood Adventure play
Dogwood Adventure play
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Dogwood Adventure play
Dogwood Adventure play