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1-1, Socialisation or Group Classes - which one is right for my dog?

If you’ve ever wanted to try a fun activity with your dog but can’t join group classes because they’re too easily distracted by other dogs then Scentventure 1-1 is for you! Overexcitable, reactive and nervous dogs no longer need to miss out on the fun.

Once you have graduated from a 1-1 course and if I believe your dog would benefit, you will be invited to join Scentventure Socialisation. Here we will work on helping your dog become more comfortable in the presence of other dogs.

Scentventure Playdates are for dogs who love to socialise, those happy, relaxed I-love-everything-and-everyone types that are completely comfortable meeting new dogs.

Dogwood is teaming up with Cleveland Dogs to bring you an incredible schedule of group classes, workshops and seminars. Events range from Sniff & Search group classes to Racing Recall and Loose Lead Walkers workshops and presentations on living with reactive dogs, how dogs communicate, clicker training and enrichment.

Dogwood Scentventure

Combining elements of scentwork, adventure, conditioning, parkour and hoopers, Scentventure is a new and exciting activity for dogs of any age or breed. Designed and developed by Katie Guastapaglia.