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Playdates and Socialisation

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Does your dog love to play but you don’t know whether it’s safe? The other dogs in the park may not be friendly - and what happens if your dog runs off?

Scentventure Playdates are for dogs who love to socialise, those happy, relaxed I-love-everything-and-everyone types that are completely comfortable meeting new dogs - and all in a safe enclosed field.

That said, I don’t believe in just letting friendly dogs off lead together and hoping for the best. Scentventure Playdates are structured to allow dogs to meet and play in a safe and controlled manner, while working a little on key skills such as focus, recall and loose lead walking - those skills that often fall apart in the presence of other dogs. Sessions are run by Katie who has extensive experience and education in reading dogs’ body language. Scentventure Playdates are also an excellent opportunity to learn more about your dog and how they communicate with other dogs, giving you the knowledge to make all of their interactions safer. Oh yes, and it’s going to be fun!


45 minute sessions - £10

Autumn Saturdays - 9am and 3pm

19.10, 09.11, 16.11, 30.11

Autumn Wednesdays - 2pm

16.10, 23.10, 30.10, 06.11, 13.11, 20.11, 27.11

Pre-booking is essential. Please complete the form below and if your dog is suitable for group sessions I will send you a private booking link.

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1-1 work is excellent and for some dogs it’s their only option but imagine if your dog had even one friend - it could lead to a much happier and balanced dog.

Scentventure Socialisation is just for graduates of my 1-1 courses to work on slow and steady distance work and socialisation. This course is bookable by invite-only if I believe your dog would benefit from working around other dogs at a distance and is comfortable doing so. The reason for this is that we will already have tried and tested the sorts of activities that make your dog feel most relaxed.

We will use Freework and different stations to help dogs feel at ease in their environment and desensitise them to the presence of other dogs.

This course will also provide opportunity to understand more about your dog’s body language and how they communicate with you as well as with other dogs.

Wednesday & Saturday afternoons, Dogwood East.

Dogwood Scentventure Katie Guastapaglia