Group Field Trips


* Maximum of 6 dogs

* 1 walker to 4 dog ratio

* A secure environment with lots of space to run

* Enrichment & socialisation

* 2m fencing fully enclosed

Group Field Trips

For dogs who love to socialise! We collect your dog from home in our customised vehicle and take them to Dogwood Adventure Play where they spend time playing with friends, discovering scentwork and parkour in our enriching environment - as well as relaxing in our Sensory Garden. 

At the end of the session dogs return home tired and happy. We'll even send you Pupdates of your dog enjoying themselves.

Lunchtime sessions last 50 minutes and collections/drop offs take place up to an hour before and after scheduled times.

An assessment takes place prior to service. All dogs must be neutered, up to date with vaccinations and preventative treatments.

£15 per dog (£10 for additional dogs from the same household). 



Social Enrichment - fulfils dogs’ needs to interact with others. This includes time with people and other dogs. We set up supervised play groups with dogs that are compatible with your pooch.

Occupational Enrichment - Hey dog, get a job! Dogwood’s sports-orientated activities like canine parkour or scent work challenges dogs and encourages them to reach their potential.

Physical enrichment - not just about exercise! Play is an effective way to physically enrich your dog’s world. Studies show interaction with games may decrease a dog’s response to environmental triggers like noise, unfamiliar people and dogs as well as reduce excessive barking, destructive behaviours and digging. Digging is a normal behaviour for many dogs so stifling that behaviour may be difficult and lead to other behaviour issues. Our field has a digging pit that we load with fun things for your dog to find. Play uses physical energy, channels mental energy and builds confidence and relationships like nothing else!

Sensory Enrichment – a variety of rural sights, smells, textures, tastes and sounds all stimulate your dog’s senses. We give your dog opportunity to walk on different surfaces, smell, see, hear and even taste new things.

Nutritional Enrichment - dogs naturally forage for food so we lay scent trails with different flavours and textures of food and play foraging games for dogs to hunt and search.

YOU can relax after a busy day knowing that your dog will be tired and happy when you get home.