Dogwood Adventure Play Enrichment Break

Enrichment Breaks

A 30-minute home visit packed with companionship, fun and enrichment, as well as being there to provide fresh water, food, medication and a toilet break. 

We arrive at your house armed with our Enrichment Box - a treasure trove of brain games and activities to mentally stimulate dogs, adding positive enrichment to their day.

We can do any of the little things that help your dog feel relaxed such as switching on lights or closing curtains.

Ideal for puppies, nervous or elderly dogs.

£12 for 1-2 dogs from the same household. £5 weekend surcharge.



Social Enrichment - fulfils dogs’ needs to interact with others. Dogs receive our full attention, interacting with us during a series of brain games and activities which help build trust and confidence with people.

Occupational Enrichment - we focus on games, puzzles and tasks that stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. This can involve food toys which we rotate each time to keep thing interesting or fun trick training using reward-based methods. This type of mental exercise is as tiring as physical exercise and it’s a great way of giving nervous dogs more confidence.

Physical Enrichment - not just about exercise! Play is an effective way to physically enrich your dog’s world. Studies show interaction with games may decrease a dog’s response to environmental triggers like noise, unfamiliar people and dogs as well as reduce excessive barking, destructive behaviours and digging.

Sensory Enrichment - dogs have a strong sense of smell that we frequently overlook. We help them discover what they can do using the variety of different tastes and textures in our Enrichment Box.

Nutritional Enrichment - foraging for food comes naturally to dogs so we come armed with a variety of treats.

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