1-1 Walks

1-1 Walks are customised to meet your dog’s needs. We can concentrate on training, enrichment or we can get sporty with parkour and scentwork!

We visit fun and enriching locations providing challenges, training, mental stimulation and relaxation techniques.

Dogs are walked on a 1-1 basis to ensure everyone gets our full care and attention (dogs from the same household can be walked together).

Ideal for nervous or reactive dogs, or those that need help with training. We only use reward based, force free training methods.

£15 (£5 for additional dogs from the same household). £10 weekend surcharge.



Sensory Enrichment - dogs benefit from having the opportunity to experience a variety of environments with different sights, sounds and smells to stimulate their senses. Depending on dogs’ abilities we walk, climb and jump on different surfaces, see, smell, hear and even taste new things to see what they enjoy the most.

Occupational Enrichment - White we’re out we give dogs jobs to do like real-world canine parkour and nosework activities such as laying scent trails.

Physical Enrichment - not just about exercise! Play is an effective way to physically enrich your dog’s world. Studies show interaction with games may decrease a dog’s response to environmental triggers like noise, unfamiliar people and dogs as well as reduce excessive barking, destructive behaviours and digging.

Nutritional Enrichment - dogs naturally forage for food so we provide different flavours and textures and play foraging games for dogs to hunt and search.

YOU can relax after a busy day knowing that your dog will be tired and happy when you get home.